rCAPTURE Data Collector Redesign

rCAPTURE Data Collector has a fresh new interface, making mobile data collection faster and easier than ever before.

What Has Changed?

  • We’ve updated our Android app to use newer themes and Google’s material design components. Date and time pickers, dropdowns and dialogs will look a little different, but should still be familiar to users given that these are used across much of Android already
  • New Icon Board format for the home screen, with easy to recognize icon-driven navigation
  • Hint text is now available to help the end-user understand what is being asked
  • The ability for documents (such as operating procedures, manuals, and user-guides) to be accessed off-line after the initial downloaded
  • The ability to customize the app with your logo, branding, and colors
  • Security improvements to address minor issues raised by our latest security scan

These upgrades are needed in order to continue to be compliant with Google requirements, as well as to ensure maximum compatibility with major manufacturers and popular device models.  This update will also specifically address app issues with the built-in spell checking on several Samsung devices.

Do I Need To Do Anything?

You will need to Delete the current version of rCAPTURE app from your device and download the new version from the Google Play Store.

We’re excited about the sleek new mobile interface, and look forward to your feedback on this fresh new look!

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