Where do I see data captured by my rCAPTURE Users?

Depending on your business use case, there are are two applications for viewing your users’ data. If you are using RippleNami’s specialized Livestock application, you will go to our Livestock Identification and Traceability System (LITS). For all other data collection use cases, you will go to rCAPTURE Reports.

For additional security, the login credentials for the Reports applications are managed separately from the rCAPTURE Data Collector app. If you don’t have login credentials for your Reports Application, contact your Account Administrator to set you up. Once you are set up as a LITS or rCAPTURE Reports user, you will receive an email with your login credentials for you to log in and see your users’ data.

rCAPTURE Data Collection users will automatically receive the correct data collection forms for your account when they login to the rCAPTURE app. It is important that your users log in to rCAPTURE on their device for the first time while cellular or Wi-Fi connection is available. This ensures they can download the latest forms that have been allocated to them, and the necessary lookup data for the forms to work. Subsequent logins on the app will work even if offline.




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