How do I view information on the map?

rWAVES allows you to easily visualize information on a map. Information is stored as ‘map layers’, that you overlay onto the map to view. You can overlay up to 16 different map layers of information at any one time.

The short video below shows you how to navigate the menu of map layers, select the map layers you wish to view, how to turn the map layers on and off, and to see the details about a specific pin on the map. (Note: The map layer menus and information will vary between accounts).



  1. To open the menu of map layer categories, click the down arrow in the top-left navigation bar.
  2. From the menu, select a category, subcategory, then the map layer of information you would like to view.
  3. Click the plus symbol to select the map layer of information. This adds that map layer to your Layer Tray.
  4. Open the Layer Tray by clicking on the icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  5. To turn a map layer on or off, click the bullet-point in front of the layer’s name.
  6. To view the details about a specific map pin, click the pin icon.

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