How do I use an image I’ve uploaded to Alfresco as my location icon?

Steps to create Alfresco URL for use in rWAVES layers:

  1. This is the template of the URL to make your Alfresco image publicly available. Copy it to your location information.

  2. Upload your icon to your Map Icons directory.
  3. Click the button to make the image publicly available.
  4. A popup will appear. Click the “View” link located to the right of the “Public Link”.
  5. You will be directed to a page displaying your icon image. The URL for the page will have a format like the image below. The last portion of the URL is the image ID. Copy just that portion of the URL.
  6. Paste your image ID into the portion of your Public Alfresco image link that you copies in step 1. You can now use that link as your map icon.

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