How do I submit feedback about map data?

rWAVES allows you to easily submit feedback about map data to the administrator of your account. Feedback topics may vary between accounts, but the standard ones are:

  • Register new service/report a service that is not mapped
  • Report data issues (i.e. incorrect address or contact information)
  • Suggestion for a new function
  • Software Issue
  • General User Feedback

The below video shows you how quickly and easily it is to submit feedback through rWAVES:


  1. Click the menu icon, represented by three horizontal lines, in the top-left navigation bar.
  2. Select ‘Contact Us’ from the side menu
  3. Complete your contact information
  4. Select a feedback topic from the dropdown list
  5. Enter your feedback as free-form text in the comments box
  6. Click ‘Submit’.

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