Organizational Layers

Adding Organizational Layers to the My Map Layer Tray

1. To navigate to the location you wish to view (HQ/Region/Site), Click on the Menu Icon in the Search Layers Tool Bar, found at the top left of My Map:

2. A Side-Bar Menu will open. The first menu item under your log-in name contains the locations. To view them, Click on the Arrows to the right of the location names. Click on a location name to load it:


3. Close the Side-Bar Menu by Clicking on the Arrow next to your log-in name:

4. Now that you have loaded the location you wish to view, you can select the Organizational Layers stored in that location using the Down Arrow Icon in the Search Layers Tool Bar (the Side-bar menu must be closed prior to opening the Organizational Layers for your region).

5. The Organizational Layers Tray will open, and a list of projects for that location will display. When there is a Right Arrow Icon, further Categories and subsequent Layers are available. Continue to Click on the Right Arrow Icon and the Categories and Layers will appear in alphabetical order:

6. To select the Organizational Layer to be added into the My Maps Layer TrayClick on Plus Icon and it will turn to a Green Check Icon. It will now appear in the My Maps Layer Tray (far right). Continue this process to select all of the Organizational Layers you wish to view.


7. When all relevant Organizational Layers have been selected, Click the Down Arrow Icon to close the Organizational Layer Tray: