Operations allows the User to permanently store Map Layers utilized during a specific operation for historical record keeping purposes and post-operation review.  Operations are specifically designated organization programs / projects which need to be tracked separately (all data for an Operations is assigned and maintained within the Operation).  Users with Operations Manager Permissions will be the only ones to Create, Edit, and Close an Operation.  Users with Data Manager (Operations) can edit layers and links in Operations, but cannot Create or Close an Operation.   The absence of an Operations heading in the Admin panel means the User does not have permission to view or edit any Operation.

Operations Menu

To create a new Operation click on Create Operation, and the following page will appear.  Complete filling out the Create Operations form, adjust/confirm the Map Area, and click Save.

Create Operation Form

The new Operation page will appear with an additional menu bar at the top.

New Operation Map

Operations Menu Bar

Data layers can now be loaded/created in the same manner as in My Map.  All data layers, digitized shapes, and added point locations will be maintained in each individual Operation, allowing Users to maintain their data across multiple sessions.