How is data organized within rWAVES?

Organizational data in rWaves is structured in a hierarchy of locations by which the data is stored.  Headquarters (hq) is subdivided into Regions (r) which are then subdivided further into Sites (s).  There can be only one Headquarters per Organization, but as many Regions and then as many Sites per Region as needed.


Within each location (HQ/Region/Site), data is further organized into Projects, Categories, and Layers.

  • Projects:  The main folder that contains the main classification/header title of the information group.
  • Categories: The subfolders, or sub-classification of data under a project.
  • Layers: Element that contains the mapped geospatial data, including locations, any attribute information contained in the location, drawn shapes or important locations selected later with their attribute information, photos associated with shapes or points, and snapshots of the data on the map for download.  Data in layers are assigned one of four permission levels which controls who has access to it (see here).